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February 14th, 2014

You’ll likely find a sea of Smartphones, madly snapping shots and videos throughout all the highlights during this year’s Winter Games.
The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia will undoubtedly be the most technologically advanced games yet, with sponsors such as Samsung handing out freebies, gear companies pumping the latest advances, and the buildings housing the games themselves having been designed with the greenest technology around. In fact, the influx of Olympic-related personnel and equipment into Sochi in the months leading up to the Games have placed the city among the Russian towns ranking  the most advanced in telecommunications and information technology infrastructure.

Samsung WOW’s the Crowd.
It’s obvious that social media will play a huge part in this year’s Games. Having unveiled their “Samsung Smart Olympic Games”initiative, Samsung plans to do their part to seamlessly integrate technology into the Olympic experience. Samsung’s Wireless Olympic Works app will allow users unprecedented real-time information on their favorite events, athletes, and medal rankings. Users can personalize the app according to their interests, share information with other WOW users, and post this information to other social networks, making WOW the ultimate tech tool for the Olympic fanatic.

Athletes with the App Advantage.
Technology won’t only be helping the spectators- athletes will be benefitting from technological advancements this year as well. Apps such as Coach’s Eye provide trainers with unprecedented real-time feedback on an athlete’s performance by breaking down event footage into extreme detail. Trainers can then make suggestions as to how athletes can improve mid-performance- a true Game changer.

The Green Medal Standard.
The 2014 Sochi Games are setting a new standard for environmental construction in an effort to reduce the impact of the Games on the region’s environment and natural resources. Eco-roofs and solar power will be assisting in the heating needs of the buildings, and LED technology will illuminate self-powered street lights utilizing photo-electric transformers and wind energy. 

Galaxy for All! Samsung has also released a special Olympic-themed version of the Galaxy Note 3, and will be providing every single competing athlete at the games a free device- whether or not they place in their event! The official phone of the Sochi 2014 Games, this special Galaxy Note 3 will work seamlessly with the WOW app, encouraging athletes to connect via social media with their fans.

Hey, don't forget the power support, that's a really indispensable thing to the smart device. The Infinite One of Kinkoo is a USB mobile power bank for Galaxy Note 3 when faced with emergency situations, so keeping it charged is essential at all times, especially when the phone is being relied upon for entertainment purposes. Using the phone to play games or take photo will drain the battery quickly, and after a couple of hours, it may run out of charge. With a power bank for Samsung, the phone can find itself back up and running in no time.

February 11th, 2014

This Valentine’s Day, Special Offer With Mobile Power Bank.

We want to provide lovers with an opportunity to express their emotion.

Kinkoo® Inc., is presenting sweethearts with a Valentine’s Day Special Offer on mobile power bank---the Infinite One only from Feb10-14.

On Valentine's Day, everywhere is painted red -- balloons, stickers, cupcakes, you name it. Shops overflow with red dresses, red roses, and red handbags. You see lovers walking hand in hand, basking in new love. Clubs, discos and other favorite hangouts are teeming with young couples, looking for a moment of togetherness. Pablo Picasso declared, "Love is the greatest refreshment in life." The Valentine's Day gift is a splendid argument in favor of the annual day of romance.

If you are too shy to put your infatuation into words, the Infinite One of Valentine's Day Special Offer will help. Click ‘buy now’. Use an stylish and strong power bank to woo the person of your dreams. Try this one by Erica Jong “Love is everything it's cracked up to be. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for.” romantics will adore this one.

The Valentine's Day story is closely associated with romantic love. However, the day of love is also an opportunity to appreciate friends and family. While you are looking at Valentine's Day gift for your lover, pick up the Infinite One, which a mobile power bank for iPhone is the best choice. Express your love to the people who are always there for you, ready to share your joys and sorrows. They are always pushing you to greater heights.

This romanic Valentine's Day, the Kinkoo® Inc is launching an promotion event for its loyal supporters web. Yeah, you have heard it right Kinkoo is all set to give 25% off for sweethearts, From February 10 to 14.
For more information on Kinkoo® Valentine’s Day Special Offer, please visit the www.ikinkoo.com.

December 19th, 2013

Often, the most inspiring pictures occur in everyday life when you do not have a standard camera with you. The smartphone in your pocket solves the problem perfectly and allows capturing those impromptu photo moments with its improvements in sensors, optics, speed and megapixel specs. And if you know the power of observation well, it’s possible to take great, memorable pictures and make your mobile photos stand out from the rest.

1. Find the Right Light
That’s right! Light is absolutely the most important technical issue there is. Most smartphones do have flash lights, but there’s nothing better than natural or surrounding lights. So, you need to develop the light sensitivity to capture the look you want. The smaller your subject, the easier it is to modify light. Make your subject stand at a place with bright light.
2. Shoot to Impress Yourself
Photograph is the expression of emotions, feelings and thoughts. Anyone can take pictures today, but everyone has different tastes. Just follow your own vision, convey what you feel and find something about you love, may be figurines, wastebaskets, old people, beautiful girls, hubcaps or patterns left by tires in the snow, sewage processing plants or cute little animals, go photograph them. You can spend a lot of efforts to try to make them look otherwise, rather than boring, or you can relax and go find better things to photograph.

3. Understand Your Device and Keep it Powered
A lot of people are not really aware of the features they might or might not have in their smartphones. Well, there can be a lot of features that can actually boost the camera quality of your image, such as the flash, zoom, editing apps and so on. This way you will be able to use your camera in the best possible way. 
At the same time, you should take your mobile phone everywhere you go, and photograph often enough to gain practical experience. Keep it charged and carry extra Kinkoo portable charger too, which has the lightest and thinnest appearance in its real 8000mAh class so that you can easily take it in Jeans pocket, and do a good job via charging the average phone 4-6 times to ensure your phone always powered, so you don’t have to regret later on.

December 18th, 2013

How to be a director? It might not be easy in the past, but today, pick up your phone and shoot now.
It is often believed that if a movie was shot on a phone, rather than a professional camcorder, poor quality and inferior results would be inevitable. But the rising popularity of smartphones, which is as good as - and in many aspects, better than - those of a dedicated video camera, makes people keen enough to record and edit a Hollywood-style short. And filmmakers have already found some success in the field.

“Searching for Sugar Man”, a musical mystery directed by Swedish director Malik Bendjelloul, won the Oscar best documentary feature at the 85th annual Academy Awards on February 24th, 2013. It's worth mentioning that he ran out of money and had to finish filming his movie on his iPhone with the $1 8mm Vintage Camera app. “It was basically the same as the real stuff”, director said.
These include “Olive”, which was shot on a Nokia N8 with a 35mm zoom lens and was the first ever smartphone film to get a cinema release.

And as early as 2011, Park Chan-wook’s “Night Fishing” short, which was shot on an iPhone 4 and won the Golden Bear foe Best Short Film at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival.
However, the mobile movie-making is no longer the studios just in Hollywood. Everyone or mostly everyone has a camera phone in their pocket. The world has come to know and love all sorts of story videos, especially in this age of YouTube shows and viral videos. For example, The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has could shoot 1080p video at 60fps or 2160p video at 30fps, and soon more phones are likely to have 4K cameras, allowing for higher quality videos across a range of handsets.
There are real advantages to shooting on a phone. For one thing, it’s cheaper than conventional camera equipment, and allows more risks to be taken as there's less money at stake. And because of small size and portability, you can put it and film almost anywhere, which potentially allows you to capture moments that would otherwise be lost because you didn't have your video camera with you.

Of course, there are weaknesses too. A smartphone with a great camera for video but low storage space and power makes the movie-making worthless. So you’ll probably invest in storage card to ensure you have enough memory in your smartphone, and carry an eternal battery that you can plug in on the go, for example, Kinkoo Infinite One, which has the lightest and thinnest appearance in its real 8000mAh class, recharges your iPhone 5 times, and ensure your phone always powered.
Nowadays, technology significantly lowers the users’ threshold and blurs the borders between smartphone and camera. The mobile movie-making is also going back to the basics and makes people remember what’s most important for a film, the story, the actors, the way it looks. So, this type of filmmaking isn’t necessarily a bad thing although smartphone films are still fairly few and haven’t yet hit the mainstream.

December 16th, 2013

So Crazy for Selfie


Don’t laught at people who crazy for selfie, childish or vacuous, even the American president love it, no matter the first lady happy or not.

And Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Meryl Streep,

Brad Pitt,

Or Superman,

are the fans of selfie.

During this generation, Selfie——A picture of yourself, usually shared on social networking websites.
That’s it, really. There’s so much meaning behind why we do it, and become such a massive trend.
So don't judge selfie
Why Do People Take Selfies?
Who knows what kind of psychological factors drive any specific persons to take a selfie and upload it to a social networking site. Everyone’s own situation is different, but here are some of the most common theories:
To get attention from as many people as possible: People like to get noticed on social media, and all of those “likes” and comments from friends are a quick and easy way to fish for compliments and boost one’s own ego.
To get a self-esteem boost: Here’s another reason why young people might be the leading group of the selfie trend. Not only they are engaging to the web at all times, but they also have more self-esteem issues – and many of these teens or college kids might upload selfies to deal with their own self-consciousness.
To show off: It’s human nature to want to show off your own great achievements. When you feel good about yourself (or look good), it’s extremely easy to reach your phone and text it all through selfies.
To get a specific person’s attention: Kids who are connected on a social network to someone who they admire may be more driven to upload attractive or alluring selfies to seek attention, especially if they’re too shy to do it in person. It’s a strange new flirting method around since the rise of mobile, but it’s definitely there.
Boredom: Hey, there are people who are bored at work, bored at school, bored at home and bored on the toilet. That’s right. Some people will take selfies because they have nothing else better to do.
Because social media is fun: Last but not least, social media is about being social! If that means uploading as many selfies as possible, then so be it. Some people don’t need a real reason to do it. They just do it because they like to do it, it’s fun, and it’s a cool way to sort of document your own life.
Selfie Apps, Filters and Mobile Social Networks
Selfie sums up our narcissistic times

I have a nice cell phone with high pixel camera. In a few years, I have filled 4 SD cards with over 20,000 photos and a few hundred short videos. Thanks for the Infinite One of Kinkoo, which keeps my cell phone camera always power full and ensures my selfie anytime and anywhere.
After most sessions, I cull my photos, compress them, and email the good ones to friends and family. Yes, I like to take photos of things worth of remembering.
As you know, even movie stars might get tired of seeing pictures of themselves taken only by paparazzi who are anxious to capture them in a negative light.

December 12th, 2013

Winter in many places means skiing, ice skating, sledding and snowball fights. When we enjoy these sports fun, there’s nothing better than well-run electronics like iPhone, tablets, reassuring us.
There are lots of useful apps to help us drive to a snow-covered terrain with turn-by-turn directions; locate the base of a route by using GPS coordinates; look at the weather forecast; identify local trees, birds, and flowers; take excellent photos and videos; and later share our experience with Facebook buddies or YouTube clips.
The smart devices are so important for us everyone, but all that technology comes with a price. We have to ask ourselves: How are we going to keep the device charged when we are outside? How do we check the important calls if our fingers are freezing? How do we keep the snow out of our precious iPhone or iPad.
Otterbox: Secure the Phone from Icy Mishaps
The first thing to do before taking our mobile device out snow sports is to invest in a sturdy case to protect our phone from breakage and snowstorm. Not only do we get to tote our phones in the snow, but we also protect it from water, dirt, and shock.
Otterbox's Armor Case is a bit pricey at 100 $, but it protects the phone from 10-foot drop onto concrete, can be submerged for 30 minutes in 6.6 feet water, and can withstand up to 2 tons of crushing force. We will never worry about the phone getting damaged with it.

Kinkoo: Keep Our Device Always Powered
A research from Infographicsmania.com says, the total time for everyone use electronics is 9 hours a day, and the average smartphone holds 5 hours on the premise of running at full speed while tablet 4 hours. So we must carry a portable charge in our pack so that we can have precious spare for an emergency call when some apps eat up most of power.
One of the best and the one I use for my devices is Kinkoo Infinite One Portable Charger. It can work at minus 22 and contains a massive 8000 mAh capacity to recharge my iPhone 5 times. Most of all, it is the lightest and thinnest external battery at only 162g and 11mm in its class. Also, it’s not cheap enough because it uses the best A+ Quality Lithium Polymer battery inside, which charges faster and give a longer shelf life at least 15 months.
Beartek: Take Control of the Phone with Snowsport Gloves
We wear gloves to protect us. We use smartphone apps to entertain us. If we want to do both and don’t want to switch phones just for a supersensitive touchscreen, we can have a pair of Beartek’s Snowsport gloves.
Wear the gloves like we would wear any other gloves and be able to use the smartphone without even taking it out of our pocket!
Its finger touch control system lets us answer calls, play/pause and skip music tracks, and capture our ride in video or photos - all while simultaneously providing warmth.
In addition, the gloves have premium goatskin leather outer and are windproof and waterproof. They could be one of the cooler ski/winter gadget gifts of the 2013-14 seasons.

December 6th, 2013

How Can I Miss this Moment?

Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals was tense, baffling, infuriating, and cathartic. I watched the game on the field with my camera.The Heat eventually beat the Spurs in overtime, 103-100, ensuring there will be a winner-take-all Game 7. But no matter what happens next, I’ll think back to the end of regulation on Tuesday night, and the seven seconds that revealed why we watch all these games and what we gain by watching.
During almost two hours, my cell phone camera records each unmissable moment. With 12 seconds left on the clock and the Heat down to their last possession, LeBron James misses a tying 3-pointer. Chris Bosh grabs the errant shot, just barely outleaping the Spurs’ Manu Ginobili, whose maximal effort leaves him sprawled out underneath the basket. As Bosh snares the ball, Ray Allen quickly backpedals out of the lane and into the corner. Allen’s toes scurry centimeters behind the arc, ensuring he’ll get credit for a three rather than a two; his feet lift off the ground the same way they elevate in the first quarter of a game in February; and his wrist snaps metronomically even as his right arm flails wildly off to the side. The ball goes in. The game is tied.
But that’s not nearly everything that happens in these seven seconds. There’s Tony Parker, running out at Allen, desperately challenging his shot—the reason the NBA’s most prolific three-point shooter flails his arm as he releases the ball. Parker’s effort wouldn’t be all that remarkable except for the fact that, a few seconds before, he’d been the one challenging James’ shot, all the way on the opposite side of the court. As Allen’s shot arcs toward the net, Ginobili lurches up off the ground, getting ready to challenge for the next rebound. And at the top of the key, LeBron thrusts both of his arms above his headband-free noggin, desperate to take another shot to tie what could be the last game of the Heat’s season.
Thank god. The Kinkoo Infinite One battery is my saver. It did not make me miss a free throw. How one does missed free throw—a shot that hovered over the rim, spun around, and fell out. It means winner or nothing.
After a great game, we too often conflate what’s debatable with what’s worth debating. We can argue about Popovich’s substitutions and the refs and how to tote all this up on LeBron’s career ledger. But we shouldn’t let it drown out everything that went right, for both the winners and the losers, in those seven seconds: the way Ray Allen’s feet illuminated decades of preparation, Tony Parker was somehow managing to guard every Heat shooter simultaneously, and Manu Ginobili was getting off his butt only to see the ball splash through the net. The Kinkoo Infinite One portable charger is easy to access in my pocket, and keep my camera moving and catch the moments like these that make sports worth our time.

December 5th, 2013

International online news, 12, scholars from Europe health care field, officials and tobacco industry practitioners gathered in the British Royal Society, discussing the impact of electronic cigarettes on public health and how to standardize management.
The advent of electronic cigarettes begins with "healthier" than traditional cigarettes to attract people attention. According to reports, it does not contain tobacco, mist produced by atomization which does not contain tar and suspended particles, and its content of nicotine and other harmful substances is much lower than traditional cigarettes. Professor of Cancer Research UK who responsible for Tobacco Research said, every year, the number of global deaths due to smoking up to 5.4 million, if smokers are able to switch to use electronic cigarettes, it can save millions of lives. In the past four years, the sales of electronic cigarette in Europe is doubling every year, it is estimated that about seven million people use electronic cigarettes in Europe now.
But Action Leader of the British Smoking and Health pointed out that while electronic cigarettes on public health may be a leap, but people less know the impact of the electronic cigarette on people. In particular, currently lacking laws and regulations to regulate the electronic cigarette industry, can’t ensure the safety and utility of the electronic cigarettes, therefore, the electronic cigarette industry needs more standardized management.
Author: Health E Cigarette prices
Original Source:

December 4th, 2013

According to the report of British "Daily Mail" on October 21, Recently, a Russian billionaire in order to help his girlfriend to quit smoking, specially prepared a very extravagant birthday gift for her, worth £ 550,000 of diamonds electronic cigarette(about 5.43 million yuan). It is reported that this electronic cigarette orders issued anonymously by a UK-based Rosneft boss.

Author: China Electronic Cigarette supplier
Original Source: http://cartonsteel123.skyrock.com/3198137185-Russian-billionaire-gift-girlfriend-a-luxury-electronic-cigarette.html

December 3rd, 2013

Winter is a charming season for hiker. We can have a great time in gaining outdoor survival skills, watching the bigger mountains with white snow on them, appreciating the beauty of sunset glow, sunrise and bringing nighttime stars, and enjoying the relative quiet and solitude when others stay at home.
In fact, I am not a crazy hiker. I know clearly that winter hiking is not a travel that planned in a crowded tourist attraction. Conversely, it is full of dangers and adventures such as short daylight hours, fast-changing weather conditions and other more unpredictable factors, which will be life-threatening if you don’t take adequate preparations.
What follows are a few that I use to stay safe in my winter outdoor state.

Make a Right Plan
Experienced hikers know that there is nothing more important than preparation. The first thing we should do is to definite the hiking purposes and destinations, collect as much information as possible to learn about the local terrain, environment, climate, and emergency stations, and draw the roadmap yourself whenever possible. These will play an important role when catching unexpected danger.

Never Hike Alone
Many accidents which happened on the hiking trail tell us: don’t hike off-trail by yourself unless you have a dog and the reliable smart devices. In fact, hiking with friends is not only more fun to share with a group, but also is much safer especially in the winter. You can get a lot of helps and protections on choosing packing list or identifying dangerous conditions in case of need.
Besides, you’d better let at least one friend at home, knowing the place you're going, which route you intend to take, and when you'll be back.

Pack High-quality Items
That’s no doubt how important the equipments are. As usual, it all depends on the types of winter hiking you plan on doing and the conditions you expect to encounter. The common ones are the layered clothes, proper shoes, good hat, warm gloves and socks, quality backpack, sleeping bag, tent, other appropriate food, cooking gear, and survival kit. Most importantly, you must know how to use them.
There are already so many wonderful articles on winter equipments in kinds of websites and magazines, so I’m not going to repeat the information here. But remind you, take only what you really need, so you can keep yourself comfortably and no burden.

Take Along Smartphone and Portable Charger
A GPS device or a GPS-enabled smartphone app? That is a matter of debate for avid hiker in the past two years. But now, I think there is no better way than hiking with a smartphone along.
There are several nice apps on GPS Trails, map types, weather radar overlays and the ability to download maps ahead of time. It also can act as “signaling and rescue” item in case of emergency, spare flashlight, camera, offline Wikipedia copy and so on. Meanwhile I can carry my iPhone anyway for pictures to record where I have been and log interesting natural history features.

The biggest issue I had was battery drain. So I invested a premium portable charger with named KINKOO Infinite One (www.ikinkoo.com) to protect it, which carries real 8000mAh power to hold a charge for about one week, and is surprisingly light and convenient so that I can easily take it in my backpack, even pocket. Besides of hiking, the Infinite One is also used frequently in my company, home, party, cafes and other indoor and other outdoor places.

All in all, winter hiking should be fun, not dangerous. Pay attention to our own safety, wherever, whenever.
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